Auto Show

Canadian International Auto Show, Toronto, Feb. 2020

ANOTHER PRESS DAY AT THE CANADIAN INTERNATIONAL AUTO SHOW. I was supposed to be covering this for a newspaper, but there were layoffs and nobody got back to me but I was accredited on my own in any case so I was able to enjoy press day as a free agent. I put a fisheye lens on my X-T2 and did the usual thing with my X30 and let my eye get drawn to where it normally goes – to the details.

This year’s show was much smaller than it once was, certainly when I began covering the auto show over fifteen years ago and it sprawled over the whole of the convention centre and into the Skydome, er, Rogers Centre. One manufacturer (Volvo) was a no-show, but had skipped auto shows before, while another (Mercedes-Benz) was conspicuous by their absence. Concept cars made themselves conspicuous with their usual improbability, and the stunning new mid-engined Corvette finally made an appearance.

Canadian International Auto Show, Toronto, Feb. 2020
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Car Show

Volkswagen Bug, CIAS 2019

I WAS AT THE AUTO SHOW THIS YEAR ON ASSIGNMENT. If you followed my old blog, you’d know that Media Day the Canadian International Auto Show is an annual event for me. I began shooting it over a decade ago for the free daily, and then regularly for blogTO. Last year I was accredited on my own steam for the first time, and I scored a media pass again this year, but at the last minute the Toronto Star hired me to do some shooting.

Ford Explorer on display, CIAS 2019
Toyota Supra, CIAS 2019
Ford GT, CIAS 2019

I love photographing cars. I’m not sure I’d ever want to do big deal, professional auto shoots or advertising, but I love car shows and museums and drag strips, where I can wander around treating each new machine like a still life subject. This year was great – besides the new cars at the manufacturer’s booths, there were lowriders from L.A.’s Petersen Museum, racecars, a Sherman tank and the Buick Y-Job, legendary GM car designer Harley Earl’s personal car. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of shooting cars. One day I need to learn how to drive.

Lowrider custom, CIAS 2019
Harley Earl's Buick Y-Job, CIAS 2019
Mario Andretti's McLaren racecar, CIAS 2019
Sherman Tank, CIAS 2019
Honda Civic, CIAS 2019
Aston Martin DB5, CIAS 2019
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