Interview with The Photographic Journal


MY GOOD FRIEND CHRIS BUCK interviewed and photographed me for The Photographic Journal earlier this summer, and the interview has gone live today. Amazingly enough, the front page image is probably the most flattering picture of me I’ve seen in, well, forever. Thanks, Chris!

(And yes, it’s true when they say that black is slimming.)

Included are exchanges like the following:

How do you think your being Catholic and a believer, in the traditional sense of being a regular churchgoer; how does that play into your photography?

It’s two things. One is the cultural Catholic thing. The other day on Facebook I posted, 10 Books in 10 Days. And the last book I put up was our family Bible. It was an early fifties pre-Vatican II, American Catholic Bible with two or three sections of old masters, Biblical paintings and scenes. El Greco, Fra Angelico, that kind of stuff. That was the only art book we had in the house the whole time I was a kid.

Did you grow up in the Middle Ages?

No, I grew up in a working class Catholic neighborhood (chuckles) there weren’t a lot of books.

It was a long conversation we had in my backyard, and I’m amazed Chris was able to distill it down as much as he did. The interview was inspired by the end of my old blog, the start of this one, and the publication of my trio of photozines, MUSIC, SQUARE and STARS, which are available at my Blurb bookstore.

Check out my books

I’ll have more to say about the TPJ interview tomorrow, when I talk about the unique and even revelatory experience of doing a portrait session – for the first time in over twenty-five years – with Chris.


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